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PHC Services  
  Whether you are a small company or a giant international health insurance carrier, we develop bespoke service plans to meet your needs. From comprehensive private healthcare solutions for your subscribers, employees and their dependants to bespoke solutions for your specific needs. Preferred Health will be happy to assist.
Healthcare solutions for your subscribers, employees and their dependents
  • Private Medical Care
  • Care for the non-insured
  • Acute medical services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Cancer Care
  • Complex Medical care
  • Centres of excellence
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Rehabilitation�Post Major Trauma and Illnesses
  • Mental Healthcare Services
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse Rehabilitation
  • GP Home Visits
  • Cosmetic Care
  • Physicals and Wellness Checks
  • International Medical Services
  • Assistance Services
  • Managed Care Services
  • Medical treatment for people from abroad
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